Christmas Ornaments Your Kids Can Make

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These little ornaments are adorable and really simple to make.

They would be a fun classroom project to make for parents and would also make a sweet gift for grandparents.

You will need:

-Clear Glass Ornaments

- Fake Snow

- Acrylic Paint

-Small Paint Brushes

- Ribbon

Before you begin painting, fill each ornament with enough snow to cover the bottom. Then, tie a ribbon around the hanger of the ornament. This way you won't have to touch them while they are wet, Have kids paint their fingers with white paint. Then one at a time place the painted finger on the ornament. Next turn each finger print into a snow man. You can add buttons, scarves, hats, noses or earmuffs Let the kids embellish with snowflakes, snow, clouds, etc.

Merry Christmas!