A Class Activity For Teaching 4x6

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Teaching the multiplication facts with our pictures and story association is so much fun.  

For the fact 4 (floor) x 6 (chicks) try this activity.

For this activity you will need:

-Candy or a fun treat. Using Peeps to represent 6 (chicks) is always fun!

- A mix of markers, crayons and colored pencils. 

- White paper or small paper bags, enough for each student.

Begin by dividing one side of the bag into 4 equal parts.

Then label each portion:   1) Array 2) Grouping 3) Repeated Addition 4) Equation

Now have your students colorfully complete each section.

On the other side of the paper bag students will draw the picture story for 4 (door) x 6 (chicks) = 24 (denty floor)

Once the bags are complete fill them with a little treat.

We used peeps to represent the chicks, but you can use anything.  

Also give each student a  flash card with the story and equation, perfect for practicing at home.

The flashcards that go along with this activity can be found here.

Be sure to watch this quick video for 4 (door) x 6 (chicks) = 24 (denty floor).