Cruising Altitude

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Wow, it is hard to believe but I am writing this blog from an airplane! We have Wifi available over 10,000 feet!

My husband has a business convention in San Diego and we decided it sounded like a perfect time for us to get some one-on-one with our oldest daughter who recently turned eleven. She is so excited, but even so, is actually able to concentrate enough to doe her homework next to me as we speak. If my 11-year-old daughter can make good use if her time, I should be able to as well!    

As we were taking off looking out the window we were admiring all the neat patterns below. Perfect circles and squares each their own unique colors. It is amazing how small a farm looks as you hover over.  Yet when we pass the same farm from ground level it appears to be very large and definitely not circular. It was a really fun way to talk geometry and shapes with her, the view from above really sparked her interest. How are the colors of fields so perfectly sectioned, we wondered? Maybe it is similar to a compass we use in geometry? 

As it turns out, having this handy dandy wifi and a really smart husband sitting next to me, helped provide us the answers we needed.

Pivots!   Pivots is a watering system designed to function almost the exact same way as our compass. 

Even though we are heading to a weekend of relaxation and fun and no homework, we were able to squeeze in learning on the way--Not only geometry, but figuring out how many minutes are left in this flight.

Well it's off to the beach for us!

Happy learning !