Duct Tape, Duct Tape and More Duct Tape

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About a year ago, the craze began sweeping through the school.  I thought for sure I was going to see her come out of her bedroom one morning dressed in duct tape.  One thing is sure, we helped keep the duct tape industry in business. Leaving Target with bags full of the sticky stuff, eager smiles full of content over our new purchases.

All the money over the years has paid off, I do have about 500 new wallets, 2 headbands, pens, backpacks, an I-phone holder, and a notebook cover.

I mean who doesn't need 500 wallets!

This summer the duct tape fad has gotten slightly more spendy as the younger two have now taken to the trend. We have had to enact  the "you want it, you buy it policy". Much to my amazement, they want it...and they want it bad!  I figure there are worse things they could do with their time and hard earned money and hey, it keeps them busy... for HOURS! 

I LOVE DUCT TAPE, there I said it!

Since we have spent so much time working with the stuff, we have perfected a few techniques for you to try before you get started.

    -  Use a cutting board with a ruler fastened to the bottom edge
    -  Pocket knife for cutting ( we invested in pocket knives for the older two)
    -  Plastic bags for lining or creating pockets
    -  The cutting board can also be used to hold torn pieces of duct tape, I prefer this over the kitchen counter or table.

The most popular item made at our house are wallets, we will never have a wallet shortage, rest assured.

For this project you will need: 

    -one roll of your favorite color of duct tape. Since we have advanced in the duct tape making world we use a multitude of colors    on one wallet.
    - a pair of sharp scissors
    - there are some great Youtube tutorials out there for all things duct tape. Check out the tutorials for wallets here.  

I really do love that my kids have found something they enjoy doing together.  Teaching each other, sharing colors, helping each other craft a masterpiece, and sharing ideas.  I love that it has helped my youngest work on her ruler skills and fundamentals. But most of all I love my 500 wallets and moments of peace. :)