Famous Mathematicians: Johannes Kepler

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The world is full of great mathematians. Some we are very familiar with while others go quietly unnoticed while we benefit from their brilliant discoveries.

Isaac Newton, Pythagoras,Euclid,Blaise Pascal. Just a few of the well knowns.

As I was pondering what to write next for a math blog, I thought to myself what could be better than --oh I don't know, MATH! 

Thus began my search for mathematicians. Not just any mathematician, but great mathematicians.   As I was combing over the vastness of the names on the world wide web, one stood out in particular. 

Johannes Kepler.

The man responsible for discovering that the Earth revolves around the sun.

I had heard this name before, it felt familiar and soon my memory was jogged.

I had seen a movie about the star of Bethlehem, and Kepler's therories, mathematical timing of the stars and their placement in the sky had been at the forefront. 

It is a really good movie, definitely worth seeing, great for the whole family. I highly recommend it during Christmas season, The Star of Bethlehem, unlock the mystery of the worlds most famous star.

 As I read beyond what I knew of the man I learned quiet a bit and was amazed I hadn't heard his name more in my astronomy or math classes. Or maybe I was sick on those days...

Kepler was born in Germany in 1571 he has become most famous for his laws of planetary motion. He was responsible for providing the foundation for Newton's theory of gravitation.

Kepler's career achievements took him through astronomy, science, astrology and eventually a Mathematics teacher in Austria.

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 A fun project to do with kids, modified by age, would be to build or draw the Earth orbiting the sun creating seasons and demonstrating the equation.

Combing through all the information and images it is incredible to phathom that all of his discoveries where made with out the help of computer, internet, calculators or picking up the cell phone!