Favorite Christmas Goodies

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I have a very large extended family. Like, so big that at a single event we may have 30 people between just 3 families... and that's not even half of the crazy! 

One of my favorite traditions is just around the corner.  Ever since I can remember, holiday baking has been a big deal around this time of year.

The women in the family congregate at "Aunt So-and-So's" house (we rotate every year). We blast Christmas music, dance around the kitchen drinking coffee and hot chocolate.  Each of us brings the ingredients to our favorite holiday goody, and then we bake all day.  

We have everything from fudge to sugar cookies to ginger snaps to dipped pretzels.

When we are all done cooking, we divide the over-abundance of sweets, each of us taking a huge plate home for our families.  

The two things I look forward to the most... 1) My Papa's fudge 2) My Mom's sugar cookies.

I am pretty sure my Papa's fudge is straight off the back of the marshmallow cream label. But it reminds me of him with every bite.

Now, my mom's cookies, on the other hand, are to die for (not literally). They are the softest sugar cookies around. I think the secret ingredient is sour cream. Enjoy a FREE printable of this recipe.

I invite you to make the same holiday tradition if you don't already. Let us know some of your favorite recipes.