Free Multiplication Stories For Kids: 2x2=4

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It's that time of year, near and far kids are learning their multiplication facts.   

Multiplication facts are the building blocks of math, and has come up with a great way to teach the times tables through pictures and stories. 

This activity is perfect for all learning styles and it's FUN,  and what kiddo couldn't use a little more fun in the math department?!  

For this activity have students get into pairs or small groups.  

Next, have the groups collaborate and come up with a short story to act out in front of the class using the equation 2 ( shoe) x  2( shoe) = 4 (floor).


Use the free worksheet provided as a guide for the story. Have the students write their short story in the space provided.  

If you have larger groups not all students will be actors, they will be a narrator. Now have each group perform their skit in front of the class. 

I guarantee they will never forget 2 x 2=4!   Bring in some props for them to use: a pair of large shoes, glasses, robes, jackets, etc. 

With our method at students will learn and recall facts based on a silly story and picture association.  

So in this case, 2 (shoe) x 2(shoe) = 4 (floor). Take a look:

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Once your students have acted out their skits, watch this cool math video of our silly story for 2x2 = 4.

 Let us know how it went! Be sure to check out our other activities, we have one for every equation.