Fun (and Tricky) April Fool's Day Worksheet

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 April fool's Day may be one of my favorite holidays!

I love all the silly little pranks.  No, not the ones that cause harm, just invoke a laugh or two!

My kids try to be sneaky and try to trick me with something silly.

When I was in 7th grade my history teacher gave us a "pop" quiz. The first direction on the quiz was "Read all the questions before you begin."

Of course, just a couple of us read all the questions and were so glad we did, some read the first few questions, and then began furiously writing down answers, others read none of the questions and from question #1, completed the whole quiz only to find that the last question on the quiz read "Do not do complete this quiz.  Write your name on the top right corner and sit quietly." 

It was a fun little activity that got lots of giggles.

So on April 1st, you may want to try this activity in your class. 

It is good for polishing up those listening skills, following directions and proving to your students that you do know how to have some fun in the classroom!

Here is your free worksheet, have fun!