Fun Times with Times Table Memorization

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I don't know about you but we spend A LOT of time in the car these days. Football practice, swim team, football games, to and from school, play dates and of course a trip to Starbucks!

To enhance the fun and pass the time during our travels we often play games, I Spy and the letter game are a family go to. But recently my son invented a new game. And I love it for so many reasons:

#1 It helps him memorize his times tables
#2 It helps all of us familiarize ourselves with the times tables, young and old learners alike.
#3 It's not I Spy or the letter game

If you are new to and the mnemonic method of learning times tables, let me just say you're going to love it!  It goes beyond 'memorize' the basic facts or Rote memory (repeating facts over and over) and dives into helping our students/children learn with confidence and consistency, using all 3 learning styles. A picture for the visual learner, stories for the auditory learner and an activity for the kinesthetic learner.  I am finding myself relearning some basic times tables facts that have slipped through the ol' mama brain.

Each number is assigned a picture, for example 2= shoe and 4=floor.  

Shoe x Shoe = Floor.

So here is your new car game. As you are driving around town, or a good old fashioned family road trip, taking turns of course, put together picture math facts of the symbols you see. You might say Tree x Door=? And your really smart passengers will say Elf or 12!  Keeps the driver on their toes and creates fun learning environment!

Have fun, be creative and let me know other ways you are using this method at home!

If you'd like to learn more about "Memorize in Minutes:The Times Tables" by Alan Walker  let me know.