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Ah, summer is upon us!  It seemed a long time coming with gargantuan amounts of  snow and insanely low temperatures!  

School is out and what better way to enjoy the nice 75 degree weather with a slight breeze and blue skies than a little golf action!?

I grew up on the course. I remember being a little girl and picking out my first set of clubs; they came in a little blue bag.  I played all through high school, worked at the golf course and played on our high school team.

However, when college came, I didn't touch a club for a few years until Mr.right came along and wanted to golf. Now Mr.Right and I have kids and now they want to master the game.

So the other day I dropped my oldest at youth group, gathered the two kiddos who are still young enough (ages 6 and 9) to hang with mom, and we headed to the driving range!

Eager to show me their stuff, we decided to take a whack at a large bucket of balls. 
With sunglasses on and bags in tow, we headed to the range. 

Upon our arrival at just the perfect spot ( far enough from the human species that we couldn't hurt someone if a ball went astray) I began to realize that we were also going to get a little math lesson.

One bucket of balls to split between two kids = division! 

We began by pouring the balls, to the best of our eye, into two equal piles. Then each kiddo counted their pile.  After the piles were counted, they figured out who needed more. Then they took from the larger pile and added to the smaller pile. Voila, equal amounts!

And happy golfers!