Hands-On Math Facts

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I was recently in my daughter's kindergarten class where they are learning addition and subtraction. My daughter is very much a hands-on visual learner and does well with repetition--repeat, repeat, repeat!  I love this little method her teacher uses to help the kids get a hands-on learning experience:  

So let's pretend the class is going over #7 math facts. Each child would take 7 markers from their pencil box and lay them in front of themselves.  She then writes a problem on the board 6+1= ?.  The kids count out 6 markers and place them in a pile on the left side of  their work space . Then the remaining 1 on the right side.

 "How many all together?" she asks.  

"Seven" the class shouts out!  

"So...6+1= 7!"  they say in unison. 

A little math confidence can go along way.  I love to see teachers using math that covers different learning styles and using different senses.  I would love to hear some of the creative ways you or your teachers are integrating math in the class.