A Homeschool Blog to Check Out

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With homeschool families on the rise and Google at our fingertips there are more and more resources available for homeschoolers.

In fact as I began to research the topic of blogs for homeschoolers I realized just how many philosophies, plans, ideas, dos and don'ts are out there.   There is literally something for everyone. 

In reading through the many blogs that were suggested, here was my favorite.  



I must say it was hard to pick just one. But this one is chalked full of ideas, art projects, lesson plans, daily weekly and monthly schedules. The women behind this blog is originally from Romania, she speaks several different languages, as well as writes a column for a newspaper.

She brings fresh perspective and ideas to keep the homeschool routine  not just functioning but thriving. 

Some of my favorite things to check out on this blog.

  1) Story Sunday-here you can learn more about a certain topic and read with your kids.

2) French Friday- this section is dedicated to teaching a little French. From days of the week to numbers.

3) Lego- kids will love this section,  some great ideas of things to build with all of those leftover Lego's we all have laying around.  


For another perspective and some " from the heart" experience check out this blog by and 8 year homeschool mom.

If you have a favorite homeschool blog I'd love to know what it is.  

Also we have a board on Pinterest dedicated to homeschooling, stop by and check it out.