How to Host a Math Birthday Party

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Ah, the perfect birthday party.

Let's face it, we've all been there, striving for party perfection, as if Martha herself may walk through the door at any moment!

The perfect decor, carefully planned color scheme, coordinating balloons,  Aunt Rosie's vintage table cloth.  

Well,  let's just say I gave up striving for the "party decorating trophy" once I realized.....

1) I was doing it for myself


2)  my kids really could have cared less that the cake matched the flowers. 

But I will tell you what, I saw this amazing party my good friend threw and I must say I am all in!!! I do believe Mrs. Stewart herself would be proud! 

This amazing birthday was to celebrate Josh who just turned 8. He is such a cool kid--very smart and inquisitive. So, of course this smarty pants wanted to celebrate using math and numbers.

Stacy (who should be a party planner and could give Martha a run for her money) decorated with math posters. Which of course, Josh now has hanging in his room.

These posters can be found at the link provided or your local Lakeshore Learning or other teacher supply store.

Math equations on the  chalkboard table runner 

Math games and jokes

She even served extra large Smarties and treats served in goody bags that look like school paper!

Also part of the party decor were old math books, which you can find at your local thrift store or used book store.

​I am so impressed with this party and how fun it turned out. It truly celebrated who Josh is and how fun math can be!!

Thank you so much for sharing and Happy Birthday, Josh!

If you have fun ways you celebrate math we would love to hear about them.