I'm Thankful "Four" Leaf Clover Writting Assignment:I love math!

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A dear friend of mine Katie, has a darling 8-year-old son named Grady.

Grady loves school, but in particular, he LOVES math.

We hear stories about Grady begging his dad to give him algebra problems just for fun! 

Well, the other day in school his class was given a St Patrick's Day writing assignment: I'm Thankful Four.  Based on a four leaf clover, students picked four things they are thankful for. 

Take a look at this third-grader's writing assignment.  It is so awesome. I wish every student could be this passionate and excited about their favorite subjects!

"School is best because you get to do math!  I love math. It is awesome. I would swim all the way to China just to get to do the last math paper. Math is one of my best friends."

Go Grady, keep up the good work!

Here is a free printable for the assignment.

We'd love to hear about your student or child's math success.