Incentive for Kids to Help Clean Up

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Who doesn't want more clean, less whine?

Whether in your a classroom or at home, I think this is a very wonderful idea to implement excitement with clean up time.

Mrs. Morris, a fourth grade teacher, has a reward system in her class using tickets for good behavior, helpfulness, cleanliness, good grades, assignments, homework, etc. 

Students earn tickets and cash them in to buy something from the reward closet. 

She offers candy, little toys, books, "get out of homework" passes, and an array of other things.

My favorite way students can earn tickets is a game called, "Magic Scrap".

Lets say you just did an art project and the floor is littered with bits of construction paper, pencil shavings, and the like.  When it's time to clean up, all the teacher needs to say is, "Magic Scrap... 2 tickets!" and the students know to hurry and clean what they see on the floor. One of the pieces of litter is the "magic scrap." The student who gets the magic scrap just won 2 tickets!

I am telling you this worked like magic--BAM! Room was clean.

I am thinking of using this at home to get the playroom clean, dishes done, art projects cleaned up, etc.  Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless!