Lunch Notes and Jokes

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With lunch making ambitions high as the school year begins, I envision a well balanced meal everyday! I intend to put a loving note in all 3 lunch boxes everyday and possibly even cut their sandwiches into the shape of  heart.   

The truth is after the first week of school, I hit a wall  I just can't think of a single thing to put in those little lunch boxes.  It will be back to boring sandwiches and a piece of fruit before long. 

This summer, as ideas for a school lunch popped in my head and I would write it down in my notes on my phone.

So far I have things like:

Baked potatoes
Whole wheat chicken burritos
Asian noodles with veggies
Whole wheat spaghetti
Yogurt with fruit and granola
Homemade soup with grilled sandwich

Just a few....I even started a Christmas idea list, but that is beside the point.  One day in my quest to make lunches healthy, edible and fairly easy, I came a cross a fun idea.

Lunch box jokes!


I am an advocate for notes in kids lunches, a little love in the middle of the day.  Being a kid can be hard and sometimes a little reminder you are special is the perfect pick me up during a hard school day. SO, how about a little love and a laugh! I thought this would be great for kids who may be shy or going to a new school. This would be a great ice breaker in the often intimidating lunch room. 

You can also pop a little note of encouragement in on test days!

Check out the jokes here. 

I would love any jokes or lunch ideas you have to share!