Make a Date With Your Kids

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With 3 beautiful kids, it can be a challenge to find one-on-one time with each of them.

As my children get older, I realize how quickly time goes.

 I can hear my dad saying, "Just wait honey, it goes so fast, before you know it their off to college."

I remember thinking he was just my over protective papa bear.  But he was actually telling the truth--time with our kids goes by much too fast!

Ever since the kids were in kindergarten, my husband and I sneak over to the school unannounced and take them to lunch. Guess what? So does my dad!  I guess he is trying to sneak in time to!  Often times we will stay and eat in the classroom and then go to recess. I am a huge advocate for getting to know your child's teacher, classroom setting, classmates and friends.  If someone is going to be around my kids for eight hours, five days a week, I want to know them. I also feel their teacher should know we support them and are available for classroom help.

Oops!-- diversion-- back on track!

 I have found a few ways to get quality time with my kids that is meaningful sometimes must occur on the fly. A planned outing is great, too.

Here are a few ideas:

- Read together. A little alone time at a local bookstore or your library. You could even make a tent at home and snuggle up reading a good book together.

- A lunch date. Sneak them away from school at lunchtime or bring lunch at eat with them.

- Movies. Dollar cinemas often have good current movies.

-Shopping date.

-Get a cup of hot chocolate and do something they enjoy or look at something they have been wanting to show you.

These are just a few ideas. Tailor your date to your kids. You know them best.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas.