Making Colors

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What kid doesn't love mixing paint colors?

As we laid in bed the other night reading Curious George, I had the revelation that my youngest daughter had no idea that you could mix certain colors together in order to create another glorious color.  As she watched George mix red and green together, a yellow appeared.  She was so amazed that she reprimanded the book saying, "You can't do that!"

We finished the book with no other discussion.  But--I was a mom on a mission!

007 mom at your service!

The next day we whipped out paper plates, paint brushes and acrylic paint.

Here's what we did:

On the edge of the plate placed a mass of each: yellow, red and blue.

On separate plates mixed the following:

1) red and yellow make orange.

2) Blue and red make purple.

3) Yellow and blue make green

Now try this:  what happens if you mix all 3 colors?

This was such a great learning experience.  My daughter was amazed and she loved having a hand in this experiment. There is no greater joy than watching your kids learn and grow..... well actually...yes there is...getting to be a part of it is so rewarding!