Math Sundaes

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Throughout the year, these sundaes have been used for multiplication, addition and subtraction, currently they are called Division Sundaes.

There are 9 worksheets total. Each work sheet represents a part of the sundae.

After getting a 100% on a math drill worksheet, students get to color the portion of the sundae they earned.

Students can have as many opportunities on each sheet as they need to master the 100%.

The 9 parts to the sundae are:


- 3 Scoops of Ice Cream

- 3 Toppings

- 1 Cherry

- 1 Spoon

For each worksheet that is completed with a 100% students, get to gather their ingredients to start making their sundae.

Here is the fun part--at a previously chosen date, an actual ice cream party is planned!  Pick a date that gives your students adequate time to master the facts and learn.

Once the party rolls around, students get to make a sundae according to their hard work.

So, some may have the whole enchilada: 3 scoops, sprinkles, a cherry and a spoon. While others may have one scoop and no spoon!

The goal is for this to encourage students to get all 9 worksheets mastered and be rewarded for their hard work. I think you will find your students working hard and helping each other along!