Money Sequencing

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I really enjoy the family time that summer brings.  We still seem to find ourselves busy, wrapped up in some sport, but those long summer nights and occasional "boring" days are one of this moms favorite things!

On our "boring" days or  late nights we love to play this game. It involves the whole family working together( how can you go wrong, siblings getting along!). When we play this game we always have great conversations and lots of laughs! For extra good times throw in a bowl of  air popped corn with white cheddar flavoring..... and butter, lots of butter!

There are several ways to play and it takes nothing more than your change jar or piggy bank.  The more coins you can muster up the more fun and longer you can play.

-Start by having everyone lay on the floor.
-Dump out the change in a pile.
-Sort the coins into groups. Pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters.
-Next, you begin by organizing the groups date they were produced.  
-Start placing the money in rows on the floor.  Begin organizing coins so you are creating a sequence by date. For example 1978, 1979, 1980, ect.

Our family plays using only one coin group per game. For example, if we are working with pennies and missing a year we can't use a date from a different group.

But make it fun, make it yours!

This game gets really fun when you are only missing a few years in a line up of about 70 years!  Believe me you will be looking under car mats and inside draws for the magic missing number!

You can also organize quarters by states, we are currently trying to find all 50.

Let me know if you try this or have other fun games you play.