Mother's Day Take 3

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Oh the beloved day when my dirty floors and laundry can be guiltlessly silenced and it is perfectly acceptable for me to walk by a sink full of dishes with a Starbucks in hand!

I love this day, I love spending time with my family, lavishing every second of their sweet (even if they are coerced) acts of love! 

Is there anything in life more rewarding, more inspiring than being a mother? I think not!

I am so thankful for the gift of Motherhood, the joy it brings, the deep bonds it creates and the one free day off it brings with it each year.

We have a big family and there are lots of moms to love up. My husband and I are both from divorced families and all sets are remarried so we have the joy of celebrating 4 mothers each year!  This year everyone was busy or out of town so we did our celebrating with cards stuffed with love and gift cards to their favorite restaurants!

My family and I will celebrate with a walk through my favorite nursery picking out veggies for our garden. The day will include coffee, fun, laughter, love, food and lots of dirt!

Wishing all you Mother's out there a fabulous day!