Multiplication Story Activity for 3x3=9

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Teaching the multiplication facts can be a whole lot easier and more successful if it's fun, hands on and silly enough your students can't forget. 

 That's exactly what our method of teaching the times tables is... crazy, fun, learning!

Since the holidays are officially here and most students have Christmas on the brain, this is the perfect activity to teach 3 x 3 = 9.

Included in this lesson for 3 x 3 = 9  is a short story video, flash cards and a free activity with printable

To get started have your students pretend they are running a Christmas tree lot.

To get the lot up and running in time for the holiday's, the boss needs two trees decorated with ornaments and a sign for the front of the Christmas tree lot advertising that trees are on sale for $9. Because the trees are only $9.00, there is sure to be a line!

Have each student cut out and decorate both trees with ornaments and design the sign for $9 trees. For added fun, have them name their Christmas tree lot. To decorate the tree, here are some ideas: dots of glue and glitter (because you can never go wrong with glitter), sequence, small beads, or simply using markers will work.

 This activity will help your students remember 3 (tree) x 3 (tree) = 9 ( sign). 

Line, which also rhymes with nine, can be used to help remember 9=line, sign.

After you have completed this fun activity be sure to watch this video.  Remember 9 can be line or sign.

All of our online resources can be used for free. Take advantage of these great flash cards and story boards.

If students finish early, take advantage of more multiplication practice using our free online games, quizzes and worksheets!

Can you say free and easy? We hope you enjoy this activity. We would love to see your finish projects.