Multiplication Story and Class Activity for 2x6=12

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I love this multiplication story! Who wouldn't love a baby chick dressed as an elf?!  Try this fun drawing and painting project to illustrate the math fact 2X6!  Scroll down to see examples and to find the project instructions!

I think every kid will do some learning with this fun math fact story.  First of all, read this silly story to your students.  Recite the math problem 2X6=12!

After your fun activity is complete, fit in some practice with our free online educational games and free worksheets.  

And as you teach your students and watch them have fun learning, grab a coffee!  After all: coffee x = happy teacher. 


For this activity you will need:

    -Water colors


    -Black Marker

   - Free Printable ( click here )

    -  Peeps

Using the FREE printable have your students complete a pencil drawing of a chick dressed as an elf in pencil.

Once they are satisfied with the final product, outline the chick with the black marker. Now it's time for the water color. Paint your adorable and uniquely created elf chick wearing shoes.  

Be sure each student names their chick and solves the missing parts of each equation.

Do you have room on a bulletin board or an empty wall in your room? Display your students artwork for all to see.  Once the project is complete, reward your students with an edible chick...Peeps for all!

Be sure to share this video with your class to help introduce them to the equation story 2 (shoe) x 6 (chick) = 12 (elf)