Shindig with Charlies Angels???

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A surprise party for the grand opening of the new office.

Theme: "Orange you Glad to Work for Multiplication".

Unsuspecting culprit: Jon.

See the guy in the middle? He had no idea we were all there waiting to celebrate. Those homemade cake pops traveled over 5 hours packed in dry ice to be part of the celebration, too!
Amazing people, friends, children, spouses, good food, matching neon orange shirts, yummy desserts, skateboard filled parking lots (I'll explain later)...... and Charlies Angels!?!

Well, we had to try! So not the real deal, but two blondes and a brunette, how much closer could we get?

Yes, that's us the three bloggers! Does this picture explain why you read our blogs and think to yourself, hmmm? That's Jen on the left, Elicia or alicazam, as she calls herself, and me, Caycee.

Hello from all of us! Thank you for reading our poignant and life changing blogs!

We had so much fun getting to hang out and celebrate this big night! The weather was gorgeous and made for a nice meal spent outside amongst co-workers, the head honcho, and family. 

Meet the lovely daughters of our families....

And the boys,who apparently needed their own table.


After dinner we did more surprising and had dessert at the fabulous new location. Dessert was delicious (cake pops and cream sickles). We headed outside and let the kids ride their skateboards for hours around the empty parking lot while us sophisticated adults discussed making the best site around for you AND solved the world's problems!

Ok, how much more fun could we have.....NONE!

What a wonderful company to be part of. A great organization from the inside out, top to bottom!

Thank you,!