Numbers that Describe Me: The Math in My Life with a Free Worksheet

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As I walked the halls of my daughter's middle school I stumbled upon this fun bulletin board.

Each student is to fill out the worksheet using their artistic talents, using numbers to describe themselves. Each number can only be used once.

The circle in the middle is for a drawing of the student or something that describes them.  Students were encouraged to get creative and share things about themselves others may not know.

Another fun way to complete this project would be to write "numbers"  as equations.  For instance if a student was 14 years old they could say I am 7 x 2 years old, we have 5 - 3 pets,  or I have been on swim team for 6/3 years, etc.

You could even turn this into a partner activity and let students interview their partner and make a number interview poster of what they found out. 

However you choose, have fun and let us know what how you used this in your class.

Enjoy your FREE PDF of this assignment!