Parking Lot Learning

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Ok confession... I am addicted to Pinterest!

DIY projects, learning ideas, delicious recipes, summer fun tips, interior decorating know hows, and the list goes on and on and on!

I really do try to make my time on Pinterest productive. This mom does not have time to become  victim of internet time sucking. 

When I first joined Pinterest I literally made a new recipe every night.  Most were successful, and I found lots of new ways to sneak veggies in!

One night my son says " What's for dinner?"

"Spaghetti" I reply from the kitchen where I was slaving over the hot stove, preparing a version of spaghetti I had recently pinned (there may have been a few new ingredients).

"Regular spaghetti or Pinterest spaghetti?" he said with a leary tone.

At that moment I knew I had overdone my new found affection for Pinterest!

So I have scaled back my Pinterest test kitchen to a few times a month, and it is hard. I am dying to get in the kitchen and experiment with all those yummy recipes!

I have, however, had many successes with learning tools I have pinned.

I want to  share with you one of my new favorite games. You can use it for all sorts of subject memorization. The game is called Parking Lot.

You will need:
- One student ready to have some fun learning
-A Paper parking lot. A sight words copy can be found here:
-Matchbox cars or cars similar in size.
- Black marker
-Sheet of Paper

 Voila, a paper "parking lot."  Each parking space has a sight word. My kindergartner is busy learning her sight words so we use the sight word parking lot.  We are also using the parking lot for my 3rd grade son and filling each space with the answers to the 12's times tables. I am sure you and your kiddo could also have fun making your own version for various subjects.

Once your parking lot is ready and open for bussiness, its time to say the words or numbers located in each space. Then your child drives the car into the correct space. Taking turns is also a good idea! Have fun and as always I would love to hear your feedback with this project!

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