Partner Recess and Team Building

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It's February, and that can only mean one thing-- it is the month to give and receive love!

All you need is popsicle sticks, a jar and a classroom full of students.

I thought this would be a great time to share this wonderful idea.  In second grade, two of my kids were fortunate to have Mrs. Lyons, she is amazing, I think she may have wings under her clothes.

She came up with this brilliant idea, I am giving her all the credit, but it is to good to hide.

I think every teacher should do this! 

At the beginning of each new school year she writes all the students names on a popsicle stick and places them in a jar.  She uses the name jar for all sorts of things. Like finding a student to answer a question, partner projects, creating groups or running a classroom errand.

But on Wednesdays--she uses them for lunch recess. She draws the names right before lunch. Her students get so excited, quietly waiting to hear what the recess holds. Students are not aloud to make sighs, grunts, stomp feet, make faces, etc.  

The kids then divide the recess in half. One student picks a game or activity of their choose for 15 minutes then it is their partners turn. Kids end up doing things the simply do not want to do and end up having a blast!

New friendships develop, a little tolerance happens, working in a group and a whole lot of togetherness. Her classes always seem to bond and grow closer. They are like a little family! Learning to work together, include others, and try new things!

Brilliant Mrs. Lyons, brilliant! I think adults should have to do this, if only we had recess!

Happy kids + happy classroom = more room for learning