Pie 3.14

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The circle.

The round predictable shape.

It is one on the most talked about and studied mathematical constants. The ratio of a circles circumference and diameter.

It is often associated with Pi, 3.14 or this symbol.

The 16th letter of the greek alphabet. 

It is such a studied phenomenon that it has its own day. March 14 is national Pi day. 3-14.

As of  2011 the extended decimal digits extend over 10 trillion! Yes 10 trillion! This is a whole lot of numbers.

Attempts to memorize the 10 trillion numbers currently have a recorded record  of  over 67,000 digits.  Whoever can memorize that many numbers has more time and coffee than I do! 

It is said, and there are witnesses to Akira Haraguchi of Japan, who in 2006 recited 100,000 digits in front of witnesses in Tokyo. The event took nearly 17 hours. Again more time and coffee than I have!

To have a little fun with your pupils celebrate your Pi studies with a little pie!

If you need an apple pie recipe check out this delicious recipe from Food Netwrork.

Check out this site where you can print your own Pi worksheets to go along with your lesson.

Have fun discovering and teaching about Pi. Have fun eating pie. And by all means let me know how it went, I love hearing from you!