Pizza Fraction Fun

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 Pizza learning fun!
Pizza learning, fun and delicious!

My oldest daughter loves to cook, and we really enjoy getting to be on the receiving end! I may be a little partial, but for 11 years old she is amazing! 

Her most recent creation : Homemade Pizza

She put her skills to the test and voila! Hot, delicious, melty goodness! 

Come on--look at those!  She's eleven! Pretty amazing.

Well, we are far from the point of this blog article, (reeling it in).   The real reason I am sharing about pizza is Math!  She made 3 pizzas, one for each of my 3 kids.

Once the pizza was baked to perfection each kiddo had a turn with the pizza cutter (around our house we practically have war over who gets to be the official cutter of pizza!).  With their pizza in front of them, my oldest would call out a fraction and they would get to cut to match.

Here is my son cutting in half

Next we practiced fourths. She would say "Cut the pizza into fourths!" (or you can say 1/4, or you can even say quarters).

We loved this exercise.  Each child got to participate in a very hands-on way.  And we got dinner out of the deal! 

The pizza recipe was simple and delicious, get the recipe here.   Modify your toppings to your family's likes. We had sun-dried tomatoes, feta, fresh garlic, olives and pepperoni.

To encourage more practical application, I had my daughter double the dough recipe. Then when the dough was ready, I had her cut it into thirds.
Our final product was cut into eighths!

 As always I love your feedback and ideas!  Happy learning!