Practice and Teach Multiplication Facts: Game with Free Printables

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It's that time of year: multiplication facts abound and teaching and learning are in full swing.  Check out the incredible resources at, and use this free game to help kids learn their times tables!  

First of all, a little bit about the incredible resources from

Using our Multiplication System makes a fun and easy way for students to learn the times tables. 

For each number 2-9, a word picture is paired to it, making it easy to remember multiplication facts.

For example, 2 is shoe and 3 is tree. Each equation then has a picture story, short video and flashcards to help students remember, 2 shoe x 3 tree =  6 chicks.

Take advantage of all of our resources:  videos flash cards, classroom activities are all available for each equation, all for FREE.


Now on to this fantastic memory activity to help your students learn their times tables:


For this activity you will need:


Dry erase board 

Dry erase marker

Printable for each student (see below)

DIRECTIONS: Begin by having each student cut out the number squares provided.   You can decide how students will play: individually, in partners, individually or as a class.

If playing as individuals:  Give students a list of the equations you want them to practice.  Students keep their own time as go through each times table in order, building each equation with number pictures and writing the equation with numbers underneath.  Students can try to finish in a given amount of time, or trying to beat their previous time.  You may also do this activity without a timer.  

If playing as partners: have students get into groups and take turns showing each other equations. Students can make up the equations, choose from a list, roll the dice or even use playing cards (with picture cards and joker removed) to help choose their equations.  

**For example: one student might share this equation with another:  2 x 3 =6 The person answering the equation will arrange the 2 (shoe) x 3 (tree) and draw the answer on the dry erase board: 6 (chick).

Be sure to print 2 pages for each student so that equations like  2x2, 3x3, etc. can be represented. 

Playing as a class: split the group into two equal teams, lined up.  At the buzzer, the first person in each line runs to the front of the class, and flips over a card with a times table equation.  They then build the equation really quick with the available picture cards.  When finished, the next player runs up and does the same.  The first team to go through all the times table equations, wins!  

Have fun teaching and learning the times tables! Let us know how this activity worked for you.

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