Screen Time

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Like any "good" parent I try to limit screen time to an hour and a half per day. This can be hard in a house full of devices and a husband who works on the computer for a living. There are days I really battle with my kids and yes there are days when they win. Some days the snow and rain just plain beat me with their gloomy coldness! In the event we're cooped up inside or just need a little down time we enjoy using our ipad for reading a good book and the computer to catch up on a little game time. My 3rd grader especially loves to play video games to practice math facts. In fact he has passed his 6-9 times tables test on the first try with 100% at school! Way to go buddy, I am sure he gets that from me...Not.  I attribute a good portion of his success to the fact that he is learning through reprtition while playing games. I don't think he is even aware he's getting extra practice time, he's just thinking "wow, mom's letting me have more screen time than usual, score!" 
I'm plesently surprised by many of the healthy educational tools available online. I would love to hear what some of your favorites are?