The Secret to Sweet Dreams for Restless Little Sleepers

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Like many parents out there, we have a child who struggles with bedtime. It is her least favorite time of day.

She is admittedly tired but there is no way she is going to bed without a lavished bedtime routine.  With three kids, it is not possible to spend an hour every night tucking each of them in. And this Mom needs to at least give a kiss and say a prayer with all three--or I can't sleep!

Our youngest daughter, Medi is adopted from Ethiopia; nights were hard and scary. And her fears are real. She really was abandoned. There really are threatening hyenas in the dark.

My goal to get her to sleep isn't so much for my own sanity, but for hers. I want her to feel safe and protected.  She deserves it.  I want her to feel loved.  I want her to get rest and to be able to feel rested so she can thrive!

As we learn and mold our nightly routine, adding to and taking away things that work or don't, I have found a few necessary comforts.

-- A consistent bedtime.  At 7:30 we are in bed!

--A good book.

--A night Light.


--A kiss on the forehead

--She can't be totally asleep when I leave the room. Just super sleepy, she needs to feel the kiss on her head!

-- Cowy,  her favorite stuffed cow.

--(This is my secret weapon.) Bath and Body Works Sleep pillow spray. We Make a big deal out of this. She sprays it on Cowy, her pillow and comforter. Every night!

I use the same spray on my linens and it reminds her of me.  It makes her feel safe and familiar.  I, however can not take credit for this new sleep magic trick. My sweet 11-year-old daughter thought of it!  And, it's brilliant! So brilliant that I bought all 3 of my kids their own bottle! I wanted all of them to feel included in this nightly routine.

Medi is sleeping well. I know down the road we may have more struggles with sleep, but for now this mama is content knowing her baby is getting some much needed rest!