See it, Say it, Play it

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BINGO... Yes a family favorite at our house. It is no longer for Grandma on Friday nights, it is a force to be reckoned with!

A few years ago when my son was in preschool, 4 years ago to be exact and a lot less grey hair, his teacher so sweetly suggested we integrate BINGO as a learning tool at home. Much to my hesitation and later amazement it worked! We have used it ever since for number recognition, letters, colors, just about anything.

Recently we have tried using our Ol' B for learning times tables. Two of my kids learn best through repetition, BINGO has been a great tool for them in so many ways, not only are they having fun but they are able to engage in process of learning. Ok so maybe sometimes I bribe them with a little treat at the end!

So here is what I found to be successful and cost effective for us: Start by making laminated BINGO cards, this way you can reuse them for different ages and subjects and I'd like to think we are helping our environment by doing a little recycling. If you are doing times tables start with one table at a time. Have your child write the problems on the BINGO cards, 1x5=5  for example. Then have your kids make corresponding cards for calling out. Now they have just written each problem twice and they still get to play!  I let my kids play a few rounds each time alternating between the player and the caller.The great thing is your kiddos are saying the problem aloud ,another great learning device.  Loving all the repetion?  You can also play by writing only the problem and calling out the answer. So many options. If you are feeling like mom of the year use candy for markers and let them dig in after each round..... just sayin!

If you decide to try BINGO for something or have a different way to play let me know I would love to try some new ideas.