Shish Kabob Sequence

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Ah, the dog days of summer!

Ah, the dog days of summer!
(I don't really even know what that means, but it sounded good)

Time to fire up the old barbie and relax on the patio. I love summer evenings, the sound of my kids playing, the smell of the cottonwood trees, the scent of BBQ's' wafting through the air, late night soccer games at the park, fireworks, swimming pools.....

Those are the nights I never want summer to end! It is so fun having the kids home, doing projects together (extra hands around to help conquer all that needs to get done ;).  My kids love helping in the kitchen. Our youngest is 6 and loves to be a part of EVERYTHING!! Give her a job and she is happy as a clam! 

Well, a few nights ago the opportunity to work on a sequence and help mom make dinner presented itself.  I was in the kitchen getting ready to make shish kabobs and in came my girl, "Can I help? What are you doing?" (I love that she always wants to help even before she knows what she could be getting herself into).

I couldn't pass up her cuteness or the opportunity to let her practice sequencing. So together we made our kabobs. I would make one, then she would copy it, then we would switch. She would make one and I would copy it! So much fun and she was so proud of her little self for making dinner!

I encourage you to go have some fun in the kitchen, enjoy your kids, your patio, your summer, it will go by all too quickly!