Summer Reading and Your Local Library

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Unless of course, you get free prizes for getting lost in your good book!

Every summer my kids get so excited for our libraries local reading program.  As soon as schools out within days we head to the library.  And with ambitions set high we leave with towers of books, barely able to see over our stacks as we head back to the sweltering hot car!

Side note: we will single handedly keep the library in business. You see all these books ( and movies) we are leaving with? They will be absurdly over due! And the fines will be as much as a new car....

At first, it seems our tower of books will be no match for us. But as summer moves forward and play dates begin and pools open, it is easy to neglect the favorite past time (and thus the overdue books, we can't return them if we are in the middle of them!) .  All this to say, I LOVE our library! They have a fabulous summer reading program, complete with an official looking sheet of crisp paper and empty boxes waiting to be marked off!

For each 20 minutes kids read they get to mark off a "reading bug". There are 3 levels and at each level after you exterminate all bugs ( read for 200 minutes) you get to go to the library and claim your prize! Candy stores, books, rodeos, restaurants, ice skating! PHEW! Some tough decisions lie ahead!  For level 1, all of my kids decided to get the free rodeo ticket! Looks like we are heading to the rodeo next week for some yeehawin' good times thanks to our public library!

I bet your library has some awesome things set up to encourage reading. 

Check out these sites for online reading programs: