Symmetry and a Life Size Turkey Project

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Every other Friday I help with art in my 4th grader's class. My son's teacher is so organized, all I have to do is show up with a smile and a Carmel Frappuccino to thank her!

I love helping in each of my kid's classrooms. Each teacher is so amazing and the students are just as sweet!  My kids have gone to the same school since preschool. Each class is like family, they have been together for so long.

Anyway, my sons well organized teacher had all the paper cut and ready before we began, Maybe it's a teacher thing, I am pretty sure I would have been frazzled down to the last second.

The students were learning about symmetry and this project was a great hands on for the concept.

Learning to fold paper in half and only cutting out half of the desired shape.

I was so impressed that the teacher let the kids take over the class. Pushing all the desks and chairs aside to make sure her students had enough room to create.

The finished product was pretty darn cute! 

This project took us just about 3 hours. that included recess, but this is not for the faint at heart!

I can say from a parents perspective, I loved the time and space the kids were able to use. I loved the way they got to learn about symmetry.  I appreciate the hands that the teacher poured out in this lesson.

The kiddos thought they were doing an art project, yet they were learning and processing and I am so thankful for teachers like Mrs. Morris who get out of the desk and teach!

Happy Thanksgiving!