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$1 Leaning games at Target.... Run , don't walk!

I have shared a lot about myself here in these blogs

1) I love to cook   2 ) I am a Pinterestaholic (ok not a lot, but now you know my addictions, and we've just met).

  My 3rd and final confession.... I love Target! 

Give me an excuse to run a "necessary" errand to Target and I may just break the speed of light getting there!  Well the other day, on one of my "necessary" errands, I stumbled upon some really great learning tools.

In the dollar section! 

Being that my hubby and I are spending extra time with our youngest this summer, working on preparing her for 1st grade, I had to buy a few things.  The flash cards for early learners are great, foam Dr. Suess clocks, loads of different  Bingo games, puzzles.... I ended up with a Dr. Suess clock and 2 Bingo games.

Let me just say for a dollar each I am impressed!   I was able to recruit my son to play with his sister, it worked out great because they both got practice! The bingo board consists of numbers and the chips are math equations. My son had to actually figure out the math problem before he was able to call out the number for her!


I do love sneaky summer learning. If I had said " sit down and go over your division and multiplication skills"  I would have got a big "UHHHHHHHH, but it's summer!"

Ditch the whining, spend the dollar!

If you really want to practice math skills, let your kids check out at the store. This was a small purchase. I gave my son a $5 dollar bill. We had 3 items each costing a dollar and tax of 6%. So I let him guess the total and the amount of change we should get back.... If he got it right he got to keep the change! 

I happily lost $5 at Target. 

See addictions can be good... right?!?  Happy summer and happy learning!