Teach the Multiplication Fact 3x6 With Class Activity

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Looking for a cute Easter art project? 

Or how about a fun way to teach multiplication facts?

I found this chick potato print project the other day and these adorable chicks got me thinking they would work perfect for 1) just a cute art project or 2) an activity to teach a multiplication fact.

Using the story and picture association to teach the times tables is a great way to help kids remember the facts.

Like 6 (chick) x 6 (chick) = 36 (dirty chicks), check out the cute class activity with free printable here.

I thought these chicks would go perfect with the story 3(tree) x 6 (chick) =18 (aching) 


Using the directions from the video, have your students paint the chick scene.

Now have them add a tree to the chicks back using paint, markers, or if you are feeling really crafty bring in a few twigs broken into small pieces and glue those to the backs of the chicks.

 If you opt for the twigs, once they are glued simply turn it into a tree by drawing  or a potato printing with green paint.

For this activity you will need:

- Large and small potatoes cut in half

- Plastic forks

- Construction paper, the video suggests blue

-Green and yellow paint 

- Orange beaks ( you can use small orange triangles cut from paper or an orange marker)

- Small sticks or twigs

Here's how the story works and teaches your students.

Now watch this video.

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