Triangle Elves: Shape and Symmetry Project

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These little elves are so stinkin' cute! Good job Mrs. Quick!

This project is designed to be fun and even a little silly.  Students put their artistic personalities to work as you teach them about symmetry, triangles and individuality.

As you walk down the hall and look as these cute elves you notice that students really were able to capture their personalities in one simple project. I can't wait for their parents to see these. I know there will be lots of laughs and smiles

For this project you will need:

- Festive Paper. Different colors and patterns are the best.

- A picture of each students face

- Cotton Balls


-Construction Paper


Start by having your students cut out their heads as close to their profile/outline as possible. Have students cut out small triangles for their arms and legs. This is where your symmetry lesson comes in. Next have them cut out one large triangle for their body. Don't forget the elf hat by cutting out an even smaller triangle. You could give directions to cut certain kinds of triangles: acute, obtuse, or right.  Your students will start by gluing the triangle body onto the piece of construction paper. Next, they glue their little elf head to the body portion of the larger triangle.

Now comes the fun, have them glue the arms and legs any way they want. Some will be dancing, standing, jumping....Adorable!