Valentine's Day Multiplication Worksheet

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Kids will soon be making Valentine mailboxes, trading Valentines and scoring some candy. By now, your room is probably decorated really cute, and likely "screams" Pinterest!

Why not incorporate a multiplication lesson to go along with all the fun and amazing decorations! 

Here is a free printable worksheet you can use. Just click on the image below to claim your free PDF.  The worksheet allows students to make their own arrays: graph, commutative property and repeated addition problems using valentines candy (that you will so graciously give your adoring pupils)!

Give each student a sweet little Valentine from you, their favorite teacher of all time. 

Inform them they will get to eat the candy that day in class-- but first they must complete this fun assignment!

Each student will use his or her own hearts, generously given to them by you, their favorite teacher, to complete the worksheet.

Once they are done, the candy is their's to eat!

Enjoy this fun lesson, and...

...happy learning!