Valentines Paper Heart Art Project

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I had the  privilege of spending the afternoon with my sons fourth grade class making these adorable Valentine hearts.

The supplies are very inexpensive and you likely have most of them on hand.  This project took a little over an hour to complete.

If you want to make a cute valentine to hang in your room look no further.

You will need:

Red construction paper

Pink construction paper

Green construction paper



White poster board



Start by making a heart stencil that students can trace. It should be fairly large, taking up most of an 8 x 11 piece of paper.   Cut the poster board in half, so that each student gets half of a board. Trace the heart onto a piece of red or pink paper. Then cut out the heart and glue to the white piece of poster board. Cut a large amount of the red, pink and green construction paper lengthwise into random sized strips.  Give each student a variety of different colors. The green is used for leaves so not as many are needed. We cut the strips of green in half, so they were a little smaller. Now roll a strip of paper around your pencil, dip the rolled circle in glue, and place on the heart. Repeat this until the heart is full. It looks really cool to have some tight rolled, some loose, some big pieces of paper, some small.

Some of the papers unravel as you go. That is ok, the more rills you add and the closer together they get, the better they will stay together.

You will love the finished product!