What Would You Take to Space? Lesson Plan Ideas

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Space is an exciting topic to explore in the classroom. 

It is vast, wide-open, and unknown and has different qualities than Earth.  All that make it so intriguing for young minds.

What does it feel like in space? How do you sleep? What do you eat? How many stars are there?

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate to your lesson plan.

1) What would you take to space?

A simple game using the first letter of each students name. 

For example, Porter could bring: Pickles, Pillow, Pop Tarts, Puppies, Popcorn, ect. 

Set the stopwatch and time the students for a minute or two.  Have them write down things they would take to space using only things that begin with the first letter of their name.


Let each student then share a few things from their list.  Expect a few giggles!

Now you can teach students about some of the things astronauts can actually bring to space.  This link is from NASA and has a great teacher lesson plan.

How to eat in space.

How do astronauts sleep?

2) Have students draw pictures of a spaceship they command as it circles earth.

3) Learn about the International Space Station and the 15 countries that are part of the ISS.

(But first, let your students guess countries and write them on the board to see how many the get right.)

Do you have any ideas to add?