Whip-It Up Wednesday: Green Smoothie

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It has become so much easier to live and eat healthier. Commercial grade blenders are everywhere, you can bring one home for a reasonable price. They are great not only for smoothies but for soups, home made flours, purees for a recipe, make your own butter.....etc.

Today we are going to use our blender for a green smoothie. If you have never had one, PLEASE, do not fear the green! I promise you can hardly tell you are getting 2 cups (or more) of heart healthy ingredients!

You will need:

2 cups spinach or kale, washed, add more if desired

1 frozen banana ( I prefer to freeze bananas, peel, break in half and store in a ziplock)

1 cup frozen berries

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup Kefir, (optional, I like this for the probiotic. Vanilla Kefir adds a little extra sweetness)

2 Tbsp flaxseed

Add the liquid ingredients first. Then add the frozen banana and berries. Next add your leafy greens, if there is still room after the 2 cups, add more. Add the flax seed. Blend on high until the ingredients are smoothly blended together. Typically about 90 seconds.There is no need to add ice if your fruits are frozen.

 To mix up the flavor I add mango, peach or pineapple in place of the berries. If I have leftover fruits I freeze them in small plastic bags for easy smoothie construction. You can even freeze your kale and spinach.

I highly recommend splurging for a nice blender. They really do make the difference you can taste and if you are planning to make smoothies part of your diet, it is worth it! 

We have a VitaMix and I love it!

Tip: If you have a juicer make your favorite mixture of juices and use that in place of the water and Kefir.

Happy Blending!