Whip-It Up Wednesday: The Perfect Father's Day Meal

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It is often said that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Well, these fish tacos will do just that. Loaded with fish,cabbage, fresh salsa, chunks of fresh cucumber, avocado and a hint of sriracha! Yummo!

Served on a warm corn tortilla loaded so full that you will need extra napkins, possibly even a bib.

This Father's Day give your kids an in with dad with this quick and easy meal. 

My kids came up with a delicious meal to make for  their dad. If you'd like to print this for your Dad enjoy the free printable.

This is a favorite meal at our house, and I could eat these every night.

I have tried several different types of fish: pub style halibut fish sticks, grilled salmon and pan seared white fish.

They were all delicious.

And who doesn't love fresh squeezed lemonade? It says "I love you" in a glass!  It is really simple to make, especially with this lemon squeezer.


Fish approx. 1.5lbs of your choice

1 lime

Shredded green cabbage

1/2 cucumber cut into small chunks

1 avocado sliced thin

Shredded Cheese

Corn Tortillas

Sour Cream

Cilantro to garnish

Sriracha to taste

Grill fish or pan sear until done.  Break fish into small pieces lengthwise. Place pieces of fish in warmed corn tortilla, top with desired ingredients.

Spice Rub For Fish:

1 Tbs cumin

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garlic powder

2-4 cloves crushed garlic

1 tsp salt

1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients together. Coat fish and let marinate for 30 minutes.

Now...... for the salsa. This salsa is so easy and taste so fresh and it's healthy... if only those darn chips didn't get in the way!

1 Medium onion

1-2 lemons or limes

1 clove garlic

5 fresh tomatoes

Jalapeno add to your spice tolerance

1/2 cup cilantro

Salt to taste

Place all ingredients in the Cuisinart. Add the lime or lemon juice and pulse until desired chunkiness. :)


Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's in our lives.