Whip-It Up Wednesday: Spring Rolls

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These are so amazingly good and good for you!

I recently had a doctor visit and discovered that I have high cholesterol. It runs in my family, on both sides-- Oh Joy, lucky me!

Looks like I will be incorporating even more fruits, veggies and fiber into my diet.

My doctor swears by oatmeal -- a bowl a day keeps high cholesterol away! Without the butter of course.

So these sweet little babies are loaded with veggies and have little to no saturated or trans fat, depending on your ingredients.

Start with a good spring roll wrapper or Vietnamese roll wrapper. You can find these at your local health food store or Asian market.

Follow the direction on the wrapper, usually a soak in warm water for a few minutes gets them nice and pliable.

Load them down the middle with your choice of veggies. A few suggestions:

  -Thin sliced carrots


  -Basil, Mint or Cilantro



  -Cucumber sliced thin

  -Lettuce, Kale,Cabbage or Spinach


Roll very tightly, almost like a burrito. You can watch this video to learn the proper way to roll your spring roll.

Don't forget the sauce.  Enjoy.