Whip-It-Up Wednesday: Sugar Cookies and a Math Array

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Who says you can't learn to love to cook?!

I love to cook and hey--cooking is math. Therefore, I conclude, "one who loves to cook, loves math"!

With Valentines around the corner it is a guarantee of a classroom party in your future. 

Make these delicious sugar cookies for your kids Valentine's class party. 

After you frost the cookies, place sprinkles on the cookies in an array pattern,  3 across and 3 down for example. Send them off with a cute card that says, "We add up" paired with your freshly made cookies.


Here is a really good sugar cookie recipe from allrecipes.com.

I really like this frosting, also from allrecipes.com.  Dries hard and shiny.  With a hint of almond flavor, these will make anyone feel loved!