3D Shapes

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My kindergartner’s class has been working on 3D shapes in math. They are learning about spheres, cubes, cones, cylinders and rectangular prisms.

Did I mention Myna is in kindergarten? All I remember about kindergarten was naptime, noodle necklaces and Oscar the Grouch on top of the trashcan.

Oh, how the times are a changin’!

I love how Myna’s teacher is using real life objects to help the kids recognize these shapes. I love that instead of trying to teach the kids that,

“A cone is a solid with a circular base and a curved side that ends in one point. It has one vertex. And let’s please keep our        fingers out of our neighbor’s noses,”

She uses language that they understand while holding a sugar cone upside down, and probably still has to ask the kids to keep their fingers out of their neighbor’s noses.

(Some things about kindergarten are just never going to change.)

We had a lot of fun with one of Myna's assignments this week. We walked around the house and found 5 examples of things that represent her five 3D shapes. It was fun to see her little brain connect that the candles on the table are cylinders and the orange in the fruit bowl, a sphere. Long after we had identified her 25 items and dinner had begun to burn in the oven, she wanted to keep going. I was excited to see her enjoying math so much!

And, I have to be honest, it still blows my mind that 3 years ago my little Haitian Sensation couldn’t even speak English, and here she is having conversations about rectangular prisms!
I mean, really!
What fun activities have you done to teach your kids about 3D shapes? We would love to know!