5th Grade Graphing Group Activity

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There are so many fun ways that you can help students learn about graphing! 

I loved this 5th Grade graphing activity.

Students were put into groups of 4. Each group had to:

1. Ask a question that could be answered in graph form. 

2. Collect the data.

3. Display the data in a colorful graph form.

The 5th graders were very creative and came up with some great Questions!

Here are some fun examples:

Who can read the most lines in a book without making a mistake?

What Subject do Students like best?

How far can you speed stack chairs?

How far can 5th Grader's Jump?

How many times can you jump in 30 seconds?

This activity was perfect for allowing students to practice their graphing skills but also allowed them to be creative! It was also interactive and fun!

Creative, interactive and fun?!?!?! Now that is the kind of math 5th graders enjoy!!!!!!!!