Adoption Related Book Review- A Mother For Choco

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As an adoptive mommy, finding children's books to read to my kids that have adoption themes is really important.

Cute little stories that make our family feel more normal, well, okay, our family is far from normal but that has nothing to do with adoption and everything to do with, we are crazy.

Adoption themed story books open up conversations that are sometimes lingering in the wings of the crazy days of football practice, music lessons, school, dishes and laundry.

Conversations about being adopted,first mommies, first families, looking different, etc. are a healthy part of growing up in an adoptive family, and children's books about adoption are a great way to start conversations!

I love to read these stories to not only my adopted child, but to my biological ones, too.

My biological kids so often forget that their little sister's life did not start the moment they met her and it reminds them that sometimes she needs a little extra love and a little extra grace.

There are so many great books out there, but this one, is by far my favorite.

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza is a sweet little book about a little bird that cannot find his mommy.

Choco searches high and low for a mommy that looks just like him, but he cannot find one.

None of the animals have wings, or big round cheeks, or stripped feet like Choco.

Choco soon meets Mrs. Bear, who helps him find a family where no one looks alike, but there is a lot of love to go around!

A Mother for Choco is an excellent book for children who are adopted outside of their race or nationality. It addresses the fact that families may not look exactly like each other, but that there is love all the same.

This book is wonderful for adoptive families and for introducing non-adopted children to the idea that a peer doesn't have to look just like their parents to be a "real" family.

Stop by a bookstore or your local library today to check out A Mother for Choco! It is a sweet little story, with a great big message!