AVID was the Answer!

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"Sweetest girl I have EVER met, very easily distracted."

This was the beginning of every parent teacher conference we ever had for our beautiful oldest daughter. Once she hit middle school, my husband and I would giggle going from classroom to classroom hearing 7 different teachers declaring the same thing. Our daughter is very bright, very social, has a HUGE heart, is musically gifted and yes, VERY easily distracted. We call her our “Something Shiny” child. She gets going on something and then BAM, something else catches her attention and she is off!

Her grades were typically B’s with an occasional C that was usually a result of missing assignments that had been completed but somehow were lost in the abyss she calls her binder. Organization was a nightmare for her and don’t even get me started on her bedroom! 


By 8th grade I was beginning to worry that our sweet, beautiful girl was showing signs of ADHD. My years in graduate school for School Psychology had given me just enough information as a mom to get me freaked out. Easily distracted, unorganized, and missing assignments, yes, we met most of the criteria! And then, a teacher at her Junior High School nominated our daughter to be apart of the AVID program. And, I will tell you, EVERYTHING changed! Well, except her bedroom.


AVID, (Advancement Via Individual Determination), is a systemic instructional system for students in kindergarten all the way through higher education (K-16). AVID is currently in over 4,800 school sites in the United States. In the Secondary Level, AVID is an elective course that promotes College Preparedness. AVID is an hour of class a day that focuses on learning to be organized, note taking, learning to keep current on your assignments, tutoring, creating resumes, college preparedness, and volunteer opportunities in the community. AVID works with students who are getting average grades and pushes them to their greatest potential. As our daughter learned how to stay organized, how to take meaningful notes and had access to tutors from the local college, her grades sky rocketed to straight A’s. She made the Honor Roll for the first time and her self esteem grew as she was choosen to be Student of the Month for displaying Responsibilty and Academic Excellence! Her teachers no longer mention missing assignments or trouble concentrating, but rather gush about what a sweet and bright girl she is! And what momma doesn’t love hearing that?!

 And if you have any information on how to get a teenager to clean their room, please leave me a comment below!